Fillmore (3)

Game Name: ActRaiser

md5sum: 71630820f7598ac02f9a3ed30191a439
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Added by: Princess Peach Toadstool  Added: 1998-11-12

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Uploaded by:  (PJ Barnes)

Game System: Super Nintendo
Game Name: ActRaiser
Song Title: Fillmore (3)
Sequenced by: PJ Barnes
Other Information:  midi is pretty dang near perfect.

I know that I didn't leave out a single note,
because I took apart each channel.  The names of
the tracks reflect this.  For example, C2 means it
was originally Channel 2 on the SNES.

I tweaked the volume and instrument selection to
sound as best as I could on my AWE64.

I'd like to hear anyone else's opinions on it, too.

-- PJ Barnes

Midi TrackName Analysis:
C2 Pipe Organ
C3 Pipe Organ
C4 PipeOrgan
C5 Strong Organ
C6 Strong Strings
C1 Bass
C1 Slapbass
C7 Drums