RPG MegaMedley

Game Name: Various Games

md5sum: 8ef2d7fefdc9d7f1c2858263df24f215

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Added by: nZero  Added: 2004-04-06

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/RPG_MegaMedley.mid
Upload Date and Time: 05/29/2003 22:38:37

Uploaded by:  (Ingenious Idiot)

Game System: Medley
Game Name: Various Games
Song Title: RPG MegaMedley
Sequenced by: Ingenious Idiot
Song Originally Composed by: Various
Other Information: Includes songs from: Final Fantasy Series, Earthbound, Mario RPG, Breath of Fire, Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, OgreBattle, Legend of Zelda series, Dragon Warrior and Paper Mario. 28 minutes, 30 seconds.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 18
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Track 0
Giant RPG Medley! Songs in order:
Final Fantasy- Prelude, Earthbound- Fourside
Mario RPG- Mushroom Kingdom, Breath of Fire- World
Pokmon- Trainer Battle, Final fantasy IV- Boss theme
Final Fantasy VII- Jenova, Chrono Trigger, Battle Theme
Earthbound- Soundstone, Secret Of Mana- Angel's Fear
OgreBattle- Autumn Sky, Final Fantasy Legend- Legacy
Final Fantasy VIII- Eyes on Me, Final Fantasy IX- Melodies of Life
Legend of Zelda- Hyrule Theme, Legend of Zelda- Gameboy Theme
Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Hyrule Field, OgreBattle- Thunder
Dragon Warrior- World, Pokmon- Azalea Town
Secret of Mana- Colour of the Summer Sky, Pokmon- Cerulean City
Zelda: Wind Waker- Outset Island, Chrono Trigger- Theme
Link's Awakening- Tal tal Heights, Chrono Trigger- Zeal's Ocean Palace
Final Fantasy V- Cave, Paper Mario- Field
Final Fantasy- Prologue, Mario RPG- Geno's Theme
Sequenced by Ingenious Idiot

-Marker Analysis-
Earthbound- Fourside Intro
Final Fantasy VII- Jenova Battle
Secret Of Mana- Colour of the Summer Sky
Link's Awakening- Taltal Heights
Final Fantasy V- Cave
Breath of Fire- Overworld
Secret Of Mana- Angel's Fear
Final Fantasy VIII- Eyes on Me
Dragon Warrior- World
Earthbound- Soundstone
Pokmon- Cerulean City
Chrono Trigger- Zeal's Ocean Palace
OgreBattle- Autumn Sky
Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Field
Final Fantasy- Prologue
Mario RPG- Geno/Starpiece
Final Fantasy IV- Boss Theme
Pokmon- Azalea Town
Beginning -Zelda
Chrono Trigger- Battle Theme
Final Fantasy Legend- Theme
Final Fantasy IX- Melodies of Life
Zelda: Gameboy Theme
Paper Mario- Field
Legend of Zelda- Theme 1
Chrono Trigger- Theme
OgreBattle- Thunder
Pokmon- Trainer Battle
Zelda: Wind Waker- Outset Island