Companile of Lane

Game Name: Ys Book I & II

md5sum: 976522724000bb7fa5e6774e603bb1db's-Companile_of_Lane.mid
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Added by: Princess Peach Toadstool  Added: 1999-12-18

File URL is's-Companile_of_Lane.mid

Uploaded by:  (Rune Walsh)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Turbo Duo
Game Name: Ys Book I & II
Song Title: Companile of Lane
Sequenced by: Rune Walsh  Information: Sequenced by Rune Walsh  TrackName Analysis:

199? Falcom
01: Slap Bass 2
02: Pad 4 [Choir]
03: Pad 4 [Choir]
04: Distortion Guitar
05: Distortion Guitar
06: Leed 1 [Square]
07: Leed 1 [Square]
08: Leed 1 [Square]
09: Electric Guitar [Clean]
10: Drums
11: Whistle
12: Orchestra Hit
13: String Ensemble 2 / Pad 7 [Halo]
Y's 1
Companile of Lane - Remix
Sequenced by: Rune  really is an incredible tune, so I tried by best to remix it.
Near the end, I ran out of originality, so there's a lot of repeatition...
before the eventual fade-out...
Completed in a day (11-22-99)
Midi Duration - 3:42