Disc 01 Medley (V0.1)

Game Name: Final Fantasy 7

md5sum: cc1b835c885a91e58777bafd2e873543

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Added by: Pong64  Added: 2001-03-26

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/FF7_Medley-(Disk_1).mid

Uploaded by:  (Rune Walsh)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Medley - Playstation
Game Name: Final Fantasy 7
Song Title: Disc 01 Medley (V0.1)
Sequenced by: Rune Walsh  Originally Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu

Other Information: 
Ugh...this still needs SERIOUS work. Most of the instruments are either too loud, or too low. It sounds good on my computer, but messed up whenever I hear it elsewhere...  *grumble*

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Copyright 2000 by Rune Walsh (Hmm...I AM allowed to do that, aren't I...?)
01: Orchestral Harp/String Ensemble 2
01: String Ensemble 1
01: String Ensemble 1
02: Choir Aahs/String Ensemble 2
02: String Ensemble 1
02: String Ensemble 1
03: Electric Bass [Pick]/String Ensemble 2
03: Flute
03: Ocarina
04: Bassoon/String Ensemble 2
04: Trombone
04: Ocarina
05: English Horn/Synth Strings 1
05: Tuba
05: Whistle
06: English Horn/Synth Strings 1
06: Acoustic Bass
06: Synth Bass 1
07: String Ensemble 2/Electric Piano 1
07: Timpani
07: Timpani
08: String Ensemble 2/Synth Strings 2
08: Choir Aahs
15: Leed 6 [Voice]
09: String Ensemble 2/Timpani
09: Bright Acoustic Piano
10: Drums
10: Drums
10: Percussion
11: String Ensemble 2/Synth Brass 1
11: Orchestra Hit
12: Orchestral Harp/Synth Brass 1
12: Orchestra Hit
13: Distortion Guitar/Taiko Drum
13: Percussive Organ
14: String Ensemble/Taiko Drum
14:  Percussive Organ
15: Synth Bass 1/Electric Bass [Finger]
16: Orchestra Hit
Final Fantasy VII
Disk 01 Medley [80% Complete Version]
Sequenced/Arranged/Put Together/etc. by Rune  Duration - 46:42
This version is only missing "Honeybee Manor", which
I'm working on (The existing versions are from the soundtrack. I want the one from the game)
Took four weeks to get this done
Completed: 12/30/99
Just in case there's any confusion, when I say "Disk 01", I'm refering to the soundtrack disk, not the PSX one
I would try to do a complete medley, but that would be a little over 1.5 megs, so instead, 
I'm breaking it up into 4 midis - One for each disk

Some of the songs in this midi I merely enhanced, like the prelude, "Fanfare",
"Flowers Blooming In the Church", etc. Some, I slightly remixed ("Fighting", "Infiltrating ShinRa Tower", etc.).
Some, I left unchanged ("Opening", "Tifa's Theme", "Barret's Theme", etc.). 
I re-did the "Theme of the Turks" midi to make it sound more like the original.
After an extended "vacation", I'll fix this one up, and start on Disk 02's medley