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About our Chat Room

The chat room was created by Powerlord and Braxus, former maintainers of the Video Game Music Sister Sites (VGMSS) in the interest of carrying on live chats about Videogames and Videogame music. You can discuss more than that, and other subjects come up often. Chatters are also typically members of the forums.

#vgmusic is the official IRC community of VGMusic.com users. Other channels populated by our users are not officially supported by VGMusic.com and the website staff is not responsible for their content.

Typically the chat would carry an MPAA rating of PG-13 or higher; parental discretion is advised. If you encounter content you consider offensive in the channels you are encouraged to discuss the situation with the operators or simply leave the channel.

To connect to our chatroom, you need an IRC client (example: mIRC for Windows). If you'd like to learn how to use mIRC, check out Forteblast's tutorial! (Shockwave Flash Player required.)

With a normal IRC client, change the server to irc.esper.net (port 5555 or 6667) and use the command "/join #vgmusic" to join the channel. You may also specify an Espernet server directly; see their website for a list of servers.

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The Rules

In order to keep things running smoothly in the chatroom, we have instituted a few rules.


Rule Reason for Rule
Script Abuse Please keep your script use to a minimum. Any scripts that output large amounts of text, or can be triggered by anyone in the channel (eggdrop bots, search bots, etc.) are not allowed. Go to #trivia for games and script testing.
Sexual/Political/Religious Discussions These types of conversations are not forbidden but are discouraged as they often lead to arguments or "flame wars". If at any point the conversation heads towards a flame war, all participants will be warned that continuing it will lead to a ban. Please respect the opinions of other users at all times. Also, overtly sexually explicit conversations are not allowed at any time.
Profanity Profanity used to an excessive degree is forbidden. If other users or Ops ask you to tone down your language, please do so.
Insulting and/or Harassing Others

If you have a grudge against someone, please take it to private messages (double-click on the user name if using mIRC, or type the command "/query [nickname]") or another channel. Arguments in the channel are not tolerated and if any occur the Ops are encouraged to deal with them accordingly. Instigating an argument (also called "flaming") is grounds for an immediate ban.
If you are known to ignore warnings and kicks, or the Ops have had problems with you on IRC or the forums in the past, the Ops are encouraged to skip directly to a ban.

If someone is harassing you, you can also use the command:
/ignore <nick>
to stop ignoring someone, use
/ignore -r <nick>
The ignore command blocks all messages from that user.

Excessive Advertising Please refrain from advertising websites or IRC channels repeatedly. It just angers people who are chatting.
Inappropriate Use #vgmusic is not for role-playing (join #rphaven instead) or file-sharing. Please do these things elsewhere.

Op Actions

The Ops will take the following actions: Note that severe transgressions, such as flaming, will result in an immediate ban regardless of prior behavior.

Other Policies


Colors are typically not allowed in #vgmusic (mode +c). Any messages sent to the channel containing color will be not be delivered.

The Ops

For those of you who don't know IRC that well, the Ops are the people who keep the channel from being spammed and/or keep order. These are the Ops and a short description of who they are.

All Ops are indicated in the channel list by an @ symbol next to their nicks. There are 3 levels of Ops.

The Founders

The Founders are the ones who "own" the channel and are in ultimate control of the channel.
Powerlord Webmaster
Kurtis (Hunter-Zero) Webmaster

The SOps

The SOps (Super-Ops, or level 10+ Ops on esper.net) can promote other Ops and set auto kicks. Permanent Ops are limited to site staff and the random giving of ops is prevented by ChanServ, so don't bother begging these people for ops.
Suds Quality control coordinator and update staff
dw_junon FAQ Editor and Forums Administrator
DanielLawrence QC staff
Lunar (B1itz Lunar) Update staff
Horn Update staff
Secret Agent Man Coder and Site Developer
Sheepdog QC Staff
The_Epitome Update Staff

The AOps

The AOps (Auto-Ops, or level 5 Ops on esper.net) keep control in the channel on a day to day basis. Without these people, the channel would be unmonitored a good portion of the time.
Braxus Former staff
Pongball Former staff
Forteblast Former staff
Willow Forum moderator
nZero Forum moderator
The_Sorcerer Forum moderator
Teck Forum moderator
Arrow Former staff
Black_Wing Former staff
Hale-Bopp Forum moderator
Lucia IRC Bot

Bot Commands

If Lucia is not in the channel, these commands will not work.
seen nick Shows when Lucia last saw nick.
seennick nick Shows when Lucia last saw nick, but doesn't report back any nick changes.

Last revised: January 18, 2007 by Ross Bemrose "Powerlord"
Questions/comments to rbemrose@vgmusic.com

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