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Some people don't like too many words.

: What is the Gallery?

The Gallery is a wonderful place. Part reference book, part arcade, part museum, part Radio Shack, it's full of pictures of magical things. Of plugs and jacks and connectors and other delightful doo-dads. Basically, for quite some time I've wanted pictures of things like this, so that when anyone mentions connecting something, I can show them exactly what they need to buy and what they need to do, rather than attempting to describe it. Pictures are easier. Plus, obviously, it's just really really cool to have a picture of a SNES that I can link to at any time.

: Can I link to them, as well?

Of course you can. As long as you're linking to them from the forums or the chat room. We do not want you linking to these images directly from your own site. If you want to use them, at least have the decency to steal them and upload them to your own webspace so you're not stealing our bandwidth. I won't mind if you use them elsewhere (Although credit would be nice), unless you're using them someplace like an eBay auction scam.

: I have something you don't have!

Great! If you also have a digital camera, perhaps we can be friends. I'm now looking for submissions! Before you take any pictures, please let me know what you have and find out if I need the pictures or if I have any special requests for whatever it is. Also, be sure to study similar pictures that are already in the Gallery for what your pictures should be like. Then, take the pictures, and upload them somewhere for me to download. The pictures MUST be in focus and MUST be compressed (JPEG, preferably), and should be no more than about 100K a piece. I'd appreciate it is they were named according to the Gallery's naming conventions and all put in a single, convenient zip, but that's not necessary.

Also, please don't e-mail me the pictures directly. Unexpected multi-megabyte e-mail attachments are not fun.

: Who has sent you things?

The people who've taken the time to snap or scan their own items are listed in this file, along with the files they've contributed. Thanks to them, this gallery has more images than would have been possible for just me alone to get.

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Other sections may be added eventually.

Please note: All images are for informational purposes only and are not intended to imply endorsement, compliance, or affiliation. All trademarks are used without permission and are the property of their respective companies/organizations. This gallery is merely the product of a freakishly obsessed person who should not have access to a digital camera or a scanner (But does) and wishes to share their collection with the world.


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