Game Name: Metal Slug X

md5sum: 0e55e2d3d21fa5d9a69cda12914abce5

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Added by: Pong64  Added: 2000-08-16

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/(metalslug1).mid

Uploaded by:  (Brandon Lee Ritter)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: SNK Neo-Geo
Game Name: Metal Slug X
Song Title: Ending
Sequenced by: S.C.T.  Information: 
Can we get some MS2 music in da house? :)

Midi TrackName Analysis:

You should know the drill by now private! 'the hells' wrong with you?!

Rewritten by S.C.T.

Dedicated to Daniel "tought him everything he knows with Sean" Guerero

Anyone who even thinks that I sequenced this midi with the help of a ripper can suck my ass!

FM Bass (pick/slap)
FM Bell (or other shared patch)
FM Harp (or other shared patch)
FM Bass 2 (or other shared patch - partialy deleted in preleminary stages
DPCM  Phat Orchit/channel borrow
DPCM  Pimpin' Timpani/end strings
DPCM  Brass/Strings Center Pan
DPCM  Violin/SAX Center Pan
DPCM  Backup Left Reverb
DCPM  Percusion
DPCM  Backup Right Reverb
DPCM  One Measly Reverse Cymbal/SAX echo
DPCM  ch5revrb/violin/strings-L
DPCM  ch5revrb/violin/strings-R