Theme of War Machine

Game Name: Marvel Vs. Capcom

md5sum: 1460a1b8d4e25980df2876ee044c2eed
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Added by: Pong64  Added: 2001-01-20

File URL is

Uploaded by:  (Matt Wilson)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega Dreamcast
Game Name: Marvel Vs. Capcom
Song Title: Theme of War Machine

Other Information: 
These and all other files for this game were uploaded off of the Marvel vs Capcom original soundtrack; therefore, I have put "Capcom" under composer and sequencer

Midi TrackName Analysis:

1 Pt-1 Ky-40        
Tambourine    :Pg-1-
2 Pt-2 Ky-54        
Cowbell       :Pg-1-
3 Pt-3 Ky-56        
Hand Clap     :Pg-1-
4 Pt-4 Ky-39        
Crash Cymbal  :Pg-1-
5 Pt-5 Ky-49        
Ride Cymbal   :Pg-1-
6 Pt-6 Ky-53        
Open Hi-Hat   :Pg-1-
7 Pt-7 Ky-46        
Close Hi-Hat  :Pg-1-
8 Pt-8 Ky-42        
High Tom      :Pg-1-
9 Pt-9 Ky-48        
Middle Tom    :Pg-1-
10 Pt-10 Ky-45      
Low Tom       :Pg-1-
11 Pt-11 Ky-41      
HH Pedal      :Pg-1-
12 Pt-12 Ky-44      
Snare Drum    :Pg-1-
13 Pt-13 Ky-38      
Bass Drum     :Pg-1-
14 Pt-14 Ky-36      
15 Pt-15 Ky-0       
16 Pt-16 Ky-0       
Claves        :Pg-2-
1 Pt-1 Ky-75        
Quijada       :Pg-2-
2 Pt-2 Ky-73        
Cabasa        :Pg-2-
3 Pt-3 Ky-69        
Maracas       :Pg-2-
4 Pt-4 Ky-70        
Long Whistle  :Pg-2-
5 Pt-5 Ky-72        
High Agogo    :Pg-2-
6 Pt-6 Ky-67        
Low Agogo     :Pg-2-
7 Pt-7 Ky-68        
High Timbale  :Pg-2-
8 Pt-8 Ky-65        
Low Timbale   :Pg-2-
9 Pt-9 Ky-66        
Mut.Hi-Conga  :Pg-2-
10 Pt-10 Ky-62      
High Conga    :Pg-2-
11 Pt-11 Ky-63      
Low Conga     :Pg-2-
12 Pt-12 Ky-64      
High Bongo    :Pg-2-
13 Pt-13 Ky-60      
Low Bongo     :Pg-2-
14 Pt-14 Ky-61      
15 Pt-15 Ky-0       
16 Pt-16 Ky-0       
Lasergun      :Pg-3-
1 Pt-1 Ky-98        
Machinegun    :Pg-3-
2 Pt-2 Ky-97        
Pistol        :Pg-3-
3 Pt-3 Ky-96        
Windchime     :Pg-3-
4 Pt-4 Ky-86        
Scratch       :Pg-3-
5 Pt-5 Ky-85        
Door          :Pg-3-
6 Pt-6 Ky-84        
Creaking      :Pg-3-
7 Pt-7 Ky-83        
Applause      :Pg-3-
8 Pt-8 Ky-82        
Footsteps 2   :Pg-3-
9 Pt-9 Ky-81        
Footsteps 1   :Pg-3-
10 Pt-10 Ky-80      
Heartbeat     :Pg-3-
11 Pt-11 Ky-79      
Punch         :Pg-3-
12 Pt-12 Ky-78      
Screaming     :Pg-3-
13 Pt-13 Ky-77      
Laughing      :Pg-3-
14 Pt-14 Ky-76      
15 Pt-15 Ky-0       
16 Pt-16 Ky-0       
1 Pt-1 Ky-0         
2 Pt-2 Ky-0         
3 Pt-3 Ky-0         
4 Pt-4 Ky-0         
5 Pt-5 Ky-0         
Bubble        :Pg-4-
6 Pt-6 Ky-108       
Stream        :Pg-4-
7 Pt-7 Ky-107       
Waves         :Pg-4-
8 Pt-8 Ky-106       
Wind          :Pg-4-
9 Pt-9 Ky-105       
Thunder       :Pg-4-
10 Pt-10 Ky-104     
Rain          :Pg-4-
11 Pt-11 Ky-103     
Birds         :Pg-4-
12 Pt-12 Ky-102     
Hourse        :Pg-4-
13 Pt-13 Ky-101     
Dog           :Pg-4-
14 Pt-14 Ky-100     
15 Pt-15 Ky-0       
16 Pt-16 Ky-0       
Drums 2