Royal Waltz

Game Name: Phantasy Star 3

md5sum: 3a08ebad0e5335519df85809bd54164d
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Uploaded by:  (Timothy Peters)

Game System: Sega Genesis
Game Name: Phantasy Star 3
Song Title: Royal Waltz
Sequenced by: Timothy Peters  Information: 
I'm almost entirely certain the percussion track
is not that of the original game, but the rest of
it is as accurate as I can recall from the last
time I played it.  I sequenced it because it was
a catchy (although VERY short) piece and no one
else seems to have done any PS3 stuff besides the
title music.  Well, enjoy, Phanta-holics!

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Sequenced by: Timothy Peters
Recorder I
Recorder II
English Horn