Main Action Areas (3)

Game Name: StarTropics

md5sum: 40215f59cee17f324de38d10a24ef5c1
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Added by: Princess Peach Toadstool  Added: 1999-04-18

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File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo
Game Name: StarTropics
Song Title: Main Action Areas (3)
Other Information: Okay, I'm using this file to make a statement which must be made:We don't mind if you use an emulator or convert to produce a file to contribute to us.  We care about the finished product, rather than the path it took to get there.  That's where this file comes in.  It is based off a file someone uploaded yesterday that obviously was the product of an emulator or converter (Probably iNes, I hear it can do that sort of thing now).  How could I tell?  Well, for one, the song didn't even start until two minutes, twenty seconds in.  And when it did start, it started in the middle of the song.  It also was full of extraneous controller changes and pitch bends, as well as an extra track or two.We don't want that sort of thing.  We want finished products, not raw file dumps.  Conversions are rarely perfect, and need some form of touching up.  If you can't do it, get someone else to, but don't upload it to us here.  Even if you're not a wonderful sequencer and have no musical ability whatsoever, you can still fix the files before sending them in.  A midi sequencer program isn't that difficult to use, and you don't need to know the difference between an F-Sharp or B-Flat (Hell, I can use one, and I don't even know if there even is an F-Sharp or a B-Flat.) in order to fix up a converted file.  The product still won't be perfect, but it's more likely to be something that will end up in our archive, rather than deleted the instant we see it.I sense a need for another FAQ question...

Midi TrackName Analysis:

28/3/99- Watch the leeches...
StarTropics Cave