Collision Chaos: Past

Game Name: Sonic CD

md5sum: 47c76a0bcffcf87c83d4f9f904771536
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Added by: Pongball  Added: 2002-03-26

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Uploaded by:  (Xky Rauh)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega CD
Game Name: Sonic CD
Song Title: Collision Chaos:  Past
Sequenced by: Xky Rauh  Information: WOO HOOOmy favorite Past song from Sonic CD.... man i suck at writing these.  :-(  i tried to use the instruments i could to get the same sound as the actual game, but the first 2 bars are just impossible, i'm sorry.  i think i did a pretty good job with most of it.  i probably missed the bassline in a few places, probably screwed up some chords in others, but that's all normal.  what i'm hoping is that one of the pro's out there can look at this and at least get a head start on making a killer version of this... i love Collision Chaos ^_^--Xky

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Low Voice
Soft Bass
Main Melody
Echo Guitar
Power Hits
Clinky Guitar
Pizz Strings