Chelonia IV

Game Name: Jazz Jackrabbit

md5sum: 522dcf6b42312f677c2a2cd8600d5edd
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Added by: Dave Harris  Added: 2007-09-08

File URL is
Upload Date and Time: 05/04/2007 18:28:01

Uploaded by:  (Joseph Collins)

Game System: Gameboy Advance
Game Name: Jazz Jackrabbit
Song Title: Chelonia IV
Sequenced by: Joseph Collins
Song Originally Composed by: Manfred Linzner
This MIDI file sounds extremely bad on certain SoundFonts.  The "Unison 28MB
GM/GS SoundFont v1.00" is a specific example.  For some odd reason, the Slap
Bass 2 instrument doesn't seem to have samples past Octave 7, it seems.

Figured this was worth mentioning.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 16
Delta Time Setting: 96

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Jazz Jackrabbit - "The Impenetrable Fortress"
Originally by Manfred Linzner
This MIDI by Joseph Collins
"I couldn't think of a better title and the original, 'Token Lava Level,'
apparently confused people, considering only Chelonia IV, Area 2 is actually
full of magma and whatnot.  Anyway, as you may have guessed, this is the stage
theme from Chelonia IV from the Game Boy Advance game 'Jazz Jackrabbit'.  The
game itself plays more like Earthworm Jim than either of the previous
installments of Jazz Jackrabbit (for the PC) and the game really screws with
the continuity...but don't get me wrong.  It's a very fun game with pretty
cool -- albeit rather repeatitive -- music."
MIDI Series #3, MIDI File #48 -- Sequenced on May 04, 2007
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