The Knights Of Gaden

Game Name: Albert Odyssey

md5sum: 6a60b29bc3a106d6d79004627d3ab3a4
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Added by: Powerlord  Added: 1998-08-31

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Uploaded by:  (Timothy Peters)

Game System: Sega Saturn
Game Name: Albert Odyssey
Song Title: The Knights Of Gaden
Sequenced by: Timothy Peters  Information:      After sitting in my Cakewalk directory formonths, I finally decided to get off my keisterand finish it.  Albert Odyssey's only saving graceis its stellar musical score, and Gaden shows offone of the better bits of music in the game.

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Sequenced by: Timothy Peters
Violins II
English Horn
Violins I
Military Snare
Pan Flute
English Horn Echo (+480 ticks)
Clarinet Echo (+120 ticks)
Flute Echo (+120 ticks)
Choir Aahs