Cathedral Level

Game Name: Splatterhouse

md5sum: 6b03012f345f257a2407582bd557c5b5
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Uploaded by: Leopold McGinnis  System: Turbo-Grafx 16
Game Name: Splatterhouse
Song Title: Cathedral Level
Sequenced by: Leopold McGinnis  Information: 
   I spent a whole lot of time making this file and it shows.  It sounds pretty good.  Classical (baroque) and arranged by myself.  For all you Splatterhouse fans (unless I'm the only one.)

Midi TrackName Analysis:

From SplatterHouse by NAMCO
          SplatterHouse  Cathedral Level music

          by Namco --for Turbo Grafx-16 (and arcade)

          Sequenced by Leopold McGinnis

          March 1998

          Build time: 24.5 hours!!

          email:           web page:

.          SplatterHouse is an awesome game.  It's damn creepy but not only that it has some damn fine music in it.  I highly rec
Chruch Organ
Synth Strings
Delayed Church Organ
Delayed Hammond Organ (reverb)
Tremolo Strings
Pizzicato Strings
Delayed Lead 8 (bass + lead) (reverb)
Cathedral Level Music
From SplatterHouse by NAMCO
for Turbo Grafx-16 and Arcade
Written by--??
Sequenced by: Leopold McGinnis
March 1998