Intro - "Wings for My Way"

Game Name: F-Zero GX

md5sum: 80eedc93c199eec468a38cc059529de1
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Added by: Dave Harris  Added: 2009-04-17

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Upload Date and Time: 11/30/2008 18:16:33

Uploaded by:  (King Meteor)

Game System: Nintendo Gamecube
Game Name: F-Zero GX
Song Title: Intro - "Wings for My Way"
Sequenced by: King Meteor
Other Information: I went back and fixed a bunch of my MIDIs that had amplified pitch bends. 
Before, the amplified pitch bends that I used would get amplified in MSGS, but not in any other device.
Now I know how to fix that problem so the pitch bends will be amplified in all devices.
These updates won't sound any different in MSGS, but in anything else, they'll sound A LOT better.

This is, without question, the hardest sequence I've ever done!
It doesn't sound as good as Tony Thai's MIDI, but that's because I don't have the option of using XG.
However, I think I did the best I could with what GM has to offer.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 21
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Track 0
Synth Bass 2
Synth Bass 2
Distortion Guitar (Rhythm)
Distortion Guitar (Rhythm) (echo)
Warm Pad/Synth Brass 1/Synth Strings 2
Warm Pad/Synth Brass 1/Synth Strings 2
Guitar Harmonics
Ocarina/Distortion Guitar (Lead)
Ocarina/Distortion Guitar (Lead) (echo)
Percussion (Room Kit)
Overdriven Guitar (Rhythm)
Overdriven Guitar (Rhythm) (echo)
Saw Wave
Saw Wave (echo)
Overdriven Guitar (Lead)
Overdriven Guitar (Lead) (echo)
"Title Screen - 'Wings for My Way'" from F-Zero GX, sequenced by King Meteor

I don't know exactly how long this took me, but my guess is between 10 and 15 hours
So if you don't like it, tough!