Tidal Tempest: Present

Game Name: Sonic CD

md5sum: 8308f0c440166eea04055a8296a9028d

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Added by: Pong64  Added: 2001-03-31

File URL is http://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/XkyTidal.mid

Uploaded by:  (Xky Rauh)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Sega CD
Game Name: Sonic CD
Song Title: Tidal Tempest: Present
Sequenced by: Xky Rauh  Information: 
i love this song--one of my favorites in Sonic CD besides the Stardust Speedway trio and Wacky Workbench Bad Future (all the US version of course... i'm not privelaged enough to own the Japanese one)  
but i thought this version was a bit more accurate to the CD track than the original... lemme know if you agree or disagree ^_^

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Percussive Flow A
Percussive Flow B
Percussive Flow C
Sweeping Guitar
Undulating Mute
Rolling Vibes
Swirling Bubbles
Eddying Pad
Torrential Organ Low
Torrential Organ High
Tidal Chanting A
Tidal Chanting B