Cold Man's Stage (5)

Game Name: Rockman & Forte (Japan)

md5sum: 9f82b4a75fd06f49d4fada7151497206
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Added by: Pongball  Added: 2004-02-04

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Upload Date and Time: 01/20/2004 03:33:02

Uploaded by:  (Cryogen Glacien)

Game System: Super Nintendo
Game Name: Rockman & Forte (Japan)
Song Title: Cold Man's Stage (5)
Sequenced by: Cryogen Glacien
Other Information: 
Of all the songs I ever wanted to do, I think this
one was on my "waitlist" for the longest time: at
least 18 months, if not more. This one's missing
the pitch bends since I did it in Anvil, but it
still sounds reasonably close to the real thing...
and who knows, maybe I'll stick in in Cakewalk
sometime and see what I can do about those bends.

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 17
Delta Time Setting: 960

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Track 0
Main Bass (Electric Finger Bass)
Deep Bass (Slap Bass 2)
Main Strings (Tremolo Strings)
Melody (Celesta)
Melody Pad (Glockenspiel)
Track 4
Melody 1/16 Echo (Rhodes Piano)
Melody 1/8 Echo (Rhodes Piano)
Accomp. (Tenor Sax)
Track 7
Accomp. (Dist. Guitar)
Track 8
Track 7
Percussion (Room Kit)
BG Strings (Tremolo Strings)
Synth Calliope (Lead 3- Calliope)
Coldman's Stage- "Hypothermic Jazz"
From Rockman and Forte/Megaman and Bass
Sequenced to MIDI By Cryogen Glacien on 1/17/04
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