Stage 1

Game Name: Ninja Warriors, The

md5sum: a82abf6a773f8932d47bc1f052dbbd0a
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added by: Necrosaro  Added: 1998-09-27

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Uploaded by:  (John Michalski)

Game System: Turbo-Grafx 16
Game Name: Ninja Warriors, The
Song Title: Stage 1
Song Originally Composed by: Zuntata

Other Information: For Roland GS, sounds correct on GS and XG synths (XG can play GS correctly)..  Doesn't sound as good as the XG version of this sound on an XG synth, but does on a GS synth..  Seems to be optimized for the AWE-32 (yuck!)

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Tempo ,Master Volume, Reverb Mode   
Orchestra Hit                       
E.Guitar Melody                     
Analog Synth Solo                   
Synth Brass                         
Tsu - Ga - Ru Shamisen              
Synth Melody                        
Synth Bass                          
Da Di Da                            
Synth Bass Sub 1                    
Da Di Da Sub 1                      
Da Di Da Sub 2                      
Synth Melody Sub 1                  
Synth Melody Sub 2                  
Synth Bass Sub 2