Moria Gallery

Game Name: Tales of Phantasia (Japan)

md5sum: d7cd6a71c38a4d3782b6aceeb122cdcf
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Added by: Mark Jansen  Added: 2001-08-16

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Uploaded by  (Jason Biskie)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Super Nintendo
Game Name: Tales of Phantasia (Japan)
Song Title: Moria Gallery
Sequenced by: Jason Biskie  Originally Composed by: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura

Other Information: 
I've always wanted to compose a midi since 1995, when I heard the excellent works of people composing squaresoft games in many cases making them better.  I tried learning piano for this purpose, but failed miserably.  Then several years later, programs came out that could convert the beat, but not the tone or instruments from SPC files.  I put my work and thinking power into this, and after 1 week at a couple hours a peice, I got one of my favorite musics from Tales of Phantasia made into midi.  It's something I consider satisfactory and good enough to post on this website.  I take no claim in the skills, as all i did was find the proper notes and the instruments used.  Hopefully someone will use this as a template and maybe one day my piano skills will reach a point where I won't have to use audioprograms to create things such as this and perhaps better.  Enjoy folks, and keep up the excellent work. :)

Midi TrackName Analysis:

from Tales of Phantasia
Dumped to PC by Datschge
Converted to MIDI using SPC Tool v0.61