Naskuot Good Town (v2.5)

Game Name: Paladin's Quest

md5sum: fd4f5da08799a470273b9ae3015b4398
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Added by: Hunter-Zero  Added: 2004-10-19

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Upload Date and Time: 08/30/2004 01:56:05

Uploaded by:  (Squall)

Game System: Super Nintendo
Game Name: Paladin's Quest
Song Title: Naskuot Good Town (v2.5)
Sequenced by: Squall
Song Originally Composed by: Kohei Tanaka
Other Information: This SHOULD, unless otherwise, be the FINAL version that I should
EVER have to do of this song.  I've cleaned up a LOT of shit in this file and
have tried to streamline and perfect it, making it much more accurate,
yet unique in its own way, while holding to the spirit of its intended

Author's Notes:

YESSS!!!  After just over three and a half years of shit, just trying to get this
thing right, she's FINALLY in an "acceptable" form by me, seeing how I am
an EXTREME perfectionist when it comes to the accuracy of a MIDI file to
its original composer's style in all aspects of its creation.  I have taken
great strides to present to you a completely accurate and seemingly
identical (to the point of seeming like it was ripped from the SPC)
portrayal of the actual song itself, with a little subtleties to it to
prove otherwise that it WAS ripped from a game dump.  Here we are now,

Oh, and to sequencers that make MIDIs, ALWAYS check your final product
BEFORE you post it.  Make sure that none of the tracks do not have an
instrument assigned to them, as these tracks will play the first note as
a Piano (or whatever the last patch in memory is), and if you're lucky,
based on whether the song has a built-in patch marker for everything within the
file, it may or may not change to its appropriate instrument afterwards.  ALWAYS
make sure your desired instruments match your assignments.  And MAKE SURE that
you NEVER use MIDI Type-0 format, as this is obsolete and pure crap, as far as
actual sequencing goes.  It will only cause more problems than it's worth in the end.

Happy sequencing to all!

PS: Let me know if you like this file's accuracy, so I can help share the
wealth as far as tips on how to do files like this on your own.  I often find
that a lot of people who are "still green" and are rookies at this line of work
tend to make a lot of screw-ups in their sequencing style, let alone actual
composition techniques.  ALWAYS listen to the pros' work and LEARN from their
style of sequencing.  It will better help you in your sequencing career, so-to-speak,
than if you went on your own.  I've seen a lot of "crap" on this site and it could
be much better.  I just think a lot of people just do a "half-assed" job because they
want to get a product out quick and are lazy as all hell in actuality.  If you learn to
take your time, the product is SO MUCH BETTER afterwards, requiring less revisions
in the future of that sequence's career.  If you need me, you can E-Mail me using my info
in the header of my uploaded file's comments.  You can also find me on AIM at Guardian2433
if you wanna chat about this.  I've also got a couple other friends who could also help you,
so I could easily throw you into
a chat with him and me.  Have fun!

-MIDI Header Information-
MIDI Type: 1
Number of Tracks: 6
Delta Time Setting: 192

-Midi TrackName Analysis-
Right Strings
Left Strings
Center Oboe
Left Choir Aahs
Right Choir Ahhs