The Bad List

This document contains the list of files that we can NOT accept for any reason.

Last Updated 2008/01/20: Added Brad Miller (Sir Camehan) by request.

Artist Games Requested by
Eric Heberling (aka the VonZipper)

Bethesda Softworks:
Arena: The Elder Scrolls, Critter Club, Daggerfall, Delta V, NCAA 2: The Road To The Final 4, PBA Bowling 2, Terminator: Rampage, Terminator: Future Shock

Legend Entertainment:
Blackstone POC, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Companions of Xanth, Death Gate, Gateway II: Home World, Habitatics, Mission Critical, Super Hero League Of Hoboken

Stanley Associates:
5th Fleet, ASTO, Brute, Semper Fi

Al Qadim, Fantasy Empires, Panzer Commander

Avalon Hill:
Advanced Civilization, CaveWars, Wooden Ships & Iron Men

Entrepreneur, Monopolization, Trials Of Battle

Under A Killing Moon - Access, Lord Of The Rings II - Interplay, Hellraiser: Virtual Hell - Magnet Interactive, Jumble - Hasbro, King's Ransom - ReadySoft, Celtic Tales - Koei, Nemesis - Sir Tech, Olympic Decathlon - NorthStar, Tribal Rage - TalonSoft, Unreal 2 - Epic Megagames, Zephyr - New World Computing

Eric Heberling
Chris Huelsbeck Giana Sisters, Turrican series, Tunnel B1, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Battle for Naboo, Thornado, others Synsoniq Records
Bjorn Lynne Worms Series, Stunt GP, Arcade Pool 2, Phoenix - Deep Space Resurrection, Seven Kingdoms series, World Rally Fever, Dominion Synsoniq Records
Robert (Bobby) Prince Wolfenstein 3D, Doom series, Duke Nukem 3D (partial), DemonStar, Axis & Allies Bobby Prince Music

Sequencers who do not want their files posted here
Sequencer Website
Skewer GadgetScope
Asa MIDI Goya
Brad Miller (Sir Camehan)

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