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VGMusic Upload Agreement

You must agree with the terms and conditions stated below in order to upload files at Uploading files to indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions. Those who violate this agreement may face penalties including, but not limited to:

  • Removal of upload privileges
  • Removal of access to some or all of
  • Deletion of all files in the archive you have previously submitted

    This agreement is subject to change at any time and was last modified August 19, 2005.

    Update: Made a critical change to rule 3, which essentially states the exact opposite as it did before. Be sure to read it over. No conversions submitted after August 4, 2004 will be accepted; those already in the archive, however, may remain.

    1. Only MIDI filetypes are accepted. These files end in .mid. Other file types are not to be renamed with these extensions and uploaded.
    2. Due to copyright issues, we are no longer accepting music directly ripped or converted from DOS or Windows games. If you upload a MIDI file from a DOS or Windows game, the MIDI must be sequenced entirely from scratch. If you are not the sequencer, you must have the original sequencer's permission to submit the file (See rule #8).
    3. We have now stopped accepting MIDIs converted from music files that were ripped directly from ROM images (NSF->MID, SPC->MID, GYM->MID, etc.). Please do not upload conversions, even if they have been edited. Violators face a ban from uploading and/or removal of all previously submitted files.
    4. All information must be provided as accurately as possible; you must know the name of the game, its game system, and the title of the individual song. In the case of untitled songs, provide a brief but accurate description of the song's use in the game. If you don't know what song you're uploading, don't upload it.
    5. Do not submit an incomplete song. Please complete the entire song before uploading.
    6. If you are uploading music from a game that was not released in the United States, please include the country where the game was released in the game name field. For example, you could upload a MIDI from Tenchi Muyo with "Tenchi Muyo (Japan)" in the title.
    7. Upload your MIDI files one-by-one. Zip files are no longer accepted.
    8. Do not upload other people's MIDIs. If you have taken someone else's MIDI and altered it, you still can not upload the MIDI without getting permission from everyone else who was previously involved in the creation of the MIDI. Furthermore, even after you get permission, make sure to give any other sequencers credit for their work in the MIDI. Uploading other people's work without their permission will not be tolerated at
    9. Do not use expletives or suggestive language in any of your upload information. Regardless of the quality of the music, rude comments are not welcome at
    10. Do not upload files which are already available at, either in the archive or the new-files section. This is a waste of bandwidth and time.
    11. If you upload updated files, please put a version number next to the song name. This prevents confusion for the archive Updater. Also use the same or a similar filename.
    12. Do not upload original compositions, music from sources other than video games, sound effects, or video game songs which are not original to video games.
    13. Do not copyright your game music files as your own, i.e. "(c) 2001 Sequencer Name". MIDI files of copyrighted music are considered "derivative works," to which the original copyright holder still owns the rights. Therefore, you cannot copyright your game MIDI files. It IS a good idea to include your name in one of the track/instrument names if your program permits it.
    14. If you are going to submit MIDI files to our Piano Only section, they must contain only two tracks: one for left hand and one for right hand. Please note that taking a pre-existing MIDI file and changing all the instruments to piano does NOT make a legitimate Piano Only MIDI.
    15. Files in the Comedy section still need to have music from a game, and still have to be somewhat listenable :^)

    Naming Conventions

    DISCLAIMER: By clicking I Accept, you acknowledge the rules and regulations set forth in this document. You also waive any defense for your actions in the event you fail to comply with these rules, and appropriate action will be taken by the administrators.

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