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Server Downtime on Saturday, March 22, 2014

Posted by Yaginuma on 03/21/14 10:49 PM will be offline on Saturday, March 22, 2014 while our server is physically moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.


PS4 and Xbox One Pages Now Setup

Posted by Yaginuma on 12/31/13 07:38 PM

Pages are now setup for PS4 and Xbox One. Currently they are empty, but are ready when new songs come in.


Game Names in process of being fixed

Posted by Yaginuma on 12/25/13 09:51 PM

Noticed a bunch of game names have "case" issues. For example, on the NES page, there is both "A Nightmare On Elm Street" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street". In process of fixing those site wide. So far, Sega Genesis page is fully fixed.


Happy 17th Birthday to the Archive! Forum update.

Posted by Yaginuma on 12/20/13 12:54 PM

Yesterday, VGMusic had its 17th birthday: founded Dec 19, 1996. In other news, the forum system has been restored to Oct 1, 2013 to get rid of 99.9% of all spam accounts and messages. Please let me know if you see any additional spam messages/accounts. I found one from late September which was promptly removed. The forum restoration had no effect on the midi files or the Disqus based commenting. I sincerely apologize for taking too long to fix the forum spam issue, and regret I had to fall back on a backup from months ago. It was not feasible to remove each spam user one-at-a-time (mysql was locking up and preventing the webserver from responding to all requests). UPDATE: Given the continual (but failed) attempts of spam bots to register with the forums (about 10 every hour!), we have turned off normal user registration. Currently pondering old fashioned e-mail requests for registrations.


Video Games Live Kickstarter Campaign (Ends Sept 13, 2013)

Posted by Yaginuma on 09/02/13 05:27 PM

Video Games Live is running a Kickstarter Campaign for their next album. Check it out and give your support before the upcoming deadline: Sept 13, 2013.

From their site:

Video Games Live is an award winning immersive world touring concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Created, produced and hosted by world renowned game industry veteran Tommy Tallarico, top orchestras and choirs around the world perform along with exclusive synchronized video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, well known internet solo performers, electronic percussion, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

The Kickstarter campaign will help us raise the funds to create and produce our third album which we have titled "Level 3". This will be a studio recording (not a live recording). Our hope is to be able to obtain funding for our stretch goals so we can produce a full length live concert motion picture as well. Over the past decade Video Games Live has helped to legitimize video game music and has shown the world the creative, cultural and artistic side of gaming. Although VGL has obtained a lot of accolades and success, the music industry and record companies are VERY different and no music or record company is willing to invest the budget needed to accomplish our goals and put out a top quality product that we and the entire game industry can be proud of. They don't believe in the culturally artistic significance of video game music and they don't believe that people are interested in listening after the game is turned off. And that's where YOU come in!


Server Downtime on Mon Aug 12, 2013

Posted by Yaginuma on 08/10/13 09:43 PM

Our server is being moved to a new data center in Pennsylvania on Monday Aug 12, 2013. During this time, the site will be offline starting 9 AM Eastern Daylight Time, for about 8 hours.


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