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This is a complete listing of all the files in the Commodore 64/128 directory, as of April 07, 2021 at 06:01 AM EDT.
There are 317 midi files in the Commodore 64/128 directory.

Main Theme 22431 bytes Comments
4th & Inches
Intro 4857 bytes Ryan Johnson Comments
Action Biker
Main Theme 33236 bytes Chris Comments
Advanced Tactical Fighter
Title Music 7428 bytes Conversion Comments
Adventure Construction Set
Main Theme 2169 bytes Adam Comments
Title Track 4823 bytes Comments
Title Track 58715 bytes Comments
Agent X 2
Part One 23001 bytes Comments
Part Two 46369 bytes Comments
Drop Ship Stage 10721 bytes Comments
Drop Ship Stage (2) 20992 bytes Sensei Le Roof Comments
Theme 4898 bytes Ryan Johnson Comments
Main (Remix) 7413 bytes Hyena Comments
Title 4237 bytes Comments
Archon II: Adept
Title 3797 bytes Yayoz Comments
Title (Remix) 21644 bytes Yayoz Comments
Ark Pandora
Track One 16918 bytes CountFloyd Comments
Track Three 31461 bytes CountFloyd Comments
Victory 108107 bytes Comments
Armageddon Man
Main Theme 10727 bytes Comments
Main Theme 22560 bytes Conversion Comments
Aztec Challenge
Main Theme 3637 bytes Andrea Comments
Main Theme (2) 23637 bytes Hyena Comments
Batman: The Movie
Gotham City Cathedral 41482 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
The Puzzle 16701 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Main Theme 32760 bytes Greg Burris Comments
Ben and Tony
Track 11 19733 bytes Comments
Beyond the Ice-Palace
Highscore 6862 bytes Oedipus Comments
Intro/Title 51808 bytes Oedipus Comments
Big Deal
Title Track 12851 bytes Rochus Comments
Bionic Commando
Track 05 4231 bytes Greg Burris Comments
Track 10 30978 bytes Chow Comments
Black Lamp
Main Theme 27365 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 13148 bytes Comments
Title Fanfare 3161 bytes Comments
Blood Money
Main Theme 24870 bytes Fernando Medina Comments
Main Theme (2) 38464 bytes Matthew Seldon Comments
Blood Valley
Intro Song 2681 bytes Comments
Bomb Jack
Title Track 29652 bytes Chris Comments
Track One 14324 bytes Rochus Comments
Track Three 16824 bytes Comments
Track Three (2) 43941 bytes Rochus Comments
Boulder Dash
Main Theme 17316 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 18936 bytes Rochus Comments
Title Theme 7442 bytes Conversion Comments
Bozo's Night Out
Main Theme 10915 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Bruce Lee
Title Music 3515 bytes Conversion Comments
Bubble Bobble
Main Theme 5076 bytes Comments
Cannon Rider
Main Theme 8628 bytes Rochus Comments
Cauldron 1
Main Theme 8262 bytes Stefan Speidel Comments
Cauldron 2
Main Theme 13777 bytes Stefan Speidel Comments
Title Track 62885 bytes Dream Comments
Chain Reaction
Zoolook 34887 bytes Oedipus Comments
Main Theme 10256 bytes Rochus Comments
Comic Bakery
Level One 4219 bytes Greg Burris Comments
Level Two 4536 bytes Greg Burris Comments
Main (Remix) 7021 bytes Pippo Noviello Comments
Main Theme 166067 bytes Herman Comments
High Score (Arranged) 60996 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
High-Score 26709 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 69345 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme (2) 13247 bytes Geirt Comments
Mission Completed! 1133 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Commando 86
Main Theme 23425 bytes Conversion Comments
Stage 1 9212 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
In-Game Music 18312 bytes Sensei Le Roof Comments
Main Theme 192705 bytes Chris Comments
Cybernoid 2
Main Theme 107104 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme (2) (v2.0+) 343083 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Main Theme (Live Preformance Remix) 122335 bytes Hacker: Wolfe Comments
Dan Dare
Title Screen 5922 bytes Sensei Le Roof Comments
Death Bringer
Loading Music 52664 bytes Sensei Le Roof Comments
Defender of the Crown
Sword Fighting 2837 bytes Comments
Title Track 7470 bytes Chris Comments
Title Track (2) 9246 bytes Chris Comments
Deflector 24736 bytes Oedipus Comments
Final Level 21847 bytes TRIaXOR Comments
Main 14013 bytes Comments
Title Track 13155 bytes Chris Comments
Demons' World
Main Theme 2987 bytes Rochus Comments
Dig Dug
Main Theme 1246 bytes Comments
Dizzy 6: Prince of the Yolkfolk
Main Theme 19623 bytes Stephen Patterson Comments
Donald Duck's Playground
Playground 8683 bytes The Orichalcon Comments
Double Dragon
Main Theme 49273 bytes Count Floyd Comments
Main Theme (Metal Remix) 62447 bytes Knightrider of Doom Comments
Draconus 4851 bytes Comments
Dragon Riders of Pern
Main Theme 2837 bytes Adam and Tony Comments
Main Theme 8143 bytes Conversion Comments
Enduro Racer
Title Screen 5075 bytes Arne Mulder Comments
Enigma Force
Main Theme 13322 bytes Comments
Title Theme 13727 bytes Conversion Comments
F-14 Tom-Cat
Main Theme 94804 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 17107 bytes Chris Comments
Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers 5986 bytes Comments
Main Theme 135342 bytes Chris Comments
Flimbo's Quest
Loader 30151 bytes Sean Bee Comments
Forbidden Forest
Intro 3624 bytes Andrea Comments
Victory Theme 3090 bytes Andrea Comments
Formula One Simulator
Main Theme 47272 bytes Rocchus Comments
In-Game 6416 bytes Comments
Games - Winter Edition, The
Figure Skating (New Age) 11666 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Garfield II - Winter's Tail
Main theme 20367 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker
Music Maker - "Sphere" 4725 bytes Stefan Speidel Comments
Gazza 2
Tune 1 18787 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Gerry the Germ
Lungs 10022 bytes Chris Comments
Pancreas 14084 bytes Oedipus Comments
Ghosts and Goblins
High-Score 35379 bytes Chris Comments
Golden Axe
Ending Theme 23963 bytes Comments
Ending Theme 7248 bytes Comments
Green Beret
Main Theme 73707 bytes Dany Carpentier Comments
Track 3 4111 bytes Kulor Comments
Main Theme 38489 bytes Chris Comments
Title 65107 bytes Oedipus Comments
High Noon
Main 4507 bytes David Dunn Comments
Hollywood or Bust
Main 2 14959 bytes Oedipus Comments
Main Theme 5725 bytes Conversion Comments
Human Race
Track Four 14554 bytes Rochus Comments
Hunter Patrol
Title Track 27698 bytes Chris Comments
IK+ 80998 bytes Oedipus Comments
Ikari Warriors
In-Game 4445 bytes Comments
International Karate
Main Theme 12256 bytes Comments
Jet Power Jack
Main Theme 14602 bytes Chris Comments
Jet Set Willy
Main Theme 17502 bytes Comments
Jin-Genie 18305 bytes Oedipus Comments
Joe Blade
Game Over 455 bytes Clinton Bartlett Comments
Jumpman Dies (V2) 506 bytes Antonio Barra Comments
Jumpman Junior
Title Screen 2333 bytes Antonio Barra Comments
Kendo Warrior
Main 10735 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Kikstart II
Main Theme 4322 bytes Conversion Comments
Race Music 2004 bytes Conversion Comments
Knight Games
Archery Range 16489 bytes Ben Roberts (a.k.a. Maelgrim) Comments
Axe Battle 46487 bytes Maelgrim Comments
Crossbow 22744 bytes Maelgrim Comments
Pikestaff 20498 bytes Randall Laws Comments
Title Track 2163 bytes Comments
Last Ninja
Level One 31332 bytes Christer Comments
Level Two 47498 bytes Christer Comments
Level Two (2) 109112 bytes Oedipus Comments
Last Ninja 2
Level 1 52015 bytes christer Comments
Level 2 38087 bytes christer Comments
Level 3 37552 bytes christer Comments
Level 4 26852 bytes christer Comments
Level 5 38003 bytes christer Comments
Level 6 61801 bytes christer Comments
Level 7 38484 bytes christer Comments
Last Ninja 3
Game Over 2388 bytes Oedipus Comments
Level 2 23499 bytes Oedipus Comments
Level 4 23024 bytes Oedipus Comments
Level 6 9126 bytes Oedipus Comments
Lazy Jones
All Music 78374 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Track 21 (Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation) 2466 bytes Mark7 Comments
Title 2183 bytes Oedipus Comments
Light Force
Main Theme 154635 bytes Chris Comments
Music - Level 3 26353 bytes Midwife Comments
M. U. L. E.
Main Theme 8112 bytes Comments
Master Blaster
In-Game Music 74594 bytes Conversion Comments
Master of Magic
Main Theme 55853 bytes Chris Comments
Miami Vice
Loader Theme 115181 bytes Chris Comments
Mission A. D.
Main Theme 14315 bytes Rochus Comments
Title 9026 bytes Rochus Comments
Mister Do's Castle
Level music 17114 bytes Comments
Monty on the Run
High-Score 119926 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 89813 bytes Chris Comments
Mountain King
Mini Medley 22754 bytes SkyYoshi Comments
Mugsy's Revenge
Main Theme 9223 bytes Chris Comments
Nemesis the Warlock
Main Theme 28361 bytes Rochus Comments
Main Theme (2) 55231 bytes Hyena Comments
Main Theme (3) 59845 bytes Hyena Comments
Title 16464 bytes Oedipus Comments
Title Remix 15222 bytes Oedipus Comments
Noisy Pillars
Main Theme 10260 bytes Rochus Comments
One Man and his Droid
Main Theme 154533 bytes Chris Comments
Operation Wolf
Get Ready! 1224 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Stage Completed 1411 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Last Wave 5580 bytes Comments
Magical Sound Shower 108428 bytes Comments
Passing Breeze 56281 bytes Comments
Splash 99820 bytes Comments
In-Game 9622 bytes Comments
Main Theme 82200 bytes Comments
Obstacle Course Theme 2207 bytes Conversion Comments
Route Music 41555 bytes Conversion Comments
Route Music (2) 42105 bytes Comments
Loader 112150 bytes Oedipus Comments
Phantoms of the Asteroids
Main Theme 102439 bytes Chris Comments
Pitfall 2
Main Theme 7335 bytes Comments
Postman Pat
Postman Pat 10686 bytes Oedipus Comments
Power at Sea
Main Theme 2996 bytes Conversion Comments
Main Theme 88810 bytes Comments
Protector 2
Main Theme 5745 bytes Andrea Comments
Level 1 (R-Type 3 style) 86702 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Racing Destruction Set
Title Track 13833 bytes Adam and Tony Comments
Radar Rat Race
Game 3002 bytes nZero Comments
Rainbow Islands
Invincibility 4753 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Main Theme 54616 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 39174 bytes Rochus Comments
Level 1 60568 bytes Comments
Level 1 (Arranged) 77054 bytes Comments
Red Max
Main Theme 149927 bytes Herman Comments
Revenge of the Mutant Camels
Main Theme 21492 bytes Chris Comments
Road Runner
Stage 1 13185 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Stage 2 13618 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Stage 3 10072 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Title 7509 bytes Comments
Samurai Trilogy
Main Theme 7557 bytes Rochus Comments
Loading Tune 164147 bytes Chris Comments
Score Table 10920 bytes Chow Comments
Track Two 9998 bytes Rochus Comments
Main Theme 16099 bytes Comments
Main Theme 45101 bytes Chris Comments
Shoot Out
Banjo Tune 12558 bytes Oedipus Comments
Cowboy Piano 42656 bytes Oedipus Comments
Sigma 7
Title 6684 bytes Oedipus Comments
Skate or Die
Main Theme 30086 bytes Chris Comments
Sky Fox
Main Theme 13326 bytes Conversion Comments
Soul Crystal
The Elven King 4494 bytes Schnitter Wolfsreiter (M.L) Comments
Space Harrier
End of Level / Boss 16108 bytes Comments
High Score 14472 bytes Rochus Comments
High Score (2) 25367 bytes Comments
Main 33964 bytes Comments
Main Theme 12051 bytes Geirt Comments
Main 1696 bytes Steanne McCall Comments
Spy Hunter
Main Theme 11806 bytes Comments
Spy vs. Spy
Main Theme 2298 bytes Adam and Tony Comments
Spy vs. Spy 2
Main 19643 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Spy vs. Spy 3
In-Game Music 40378 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
Title Track 54069 bytes TRIaXOR Comments
Street Surfer
Main Theme 8663 bytes Conversion Comments
Suicide Express
Main Theme 21846 bytes The Orichalcon Comments
Summer Games
Opening Ceremony 2832 bytes Lucas Charles Amery Comments
Super Pipeline 2
Main Theme 39979 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 3877 bytes Rochus Comments
Title 27944 bytes Da Phuture Kemist Comments
Track One 920 bytes Comments
Title 594 bytes Chuck Cochems Comments
They Stole a Million
Main Theme 4986 bytes Rochus Comments
Title 9200 bytes Oedipus Comments
Thing on a Spring
Main Theme 63237 bytes Chris Comments
Think Twice 3
Main Theme 44665 bytes Rochus Comments
Three Stooges
Insert Disk Theme 4614 bytes Comments
Opening Theme 2867 bytes Comments
Title Track 93834 bytes Conversion Comments
Tin Tin on the Moon
Main Theme 85890 bytes Count Floyd Comments
Main Theme (2) 60132 bytes LaLa Comments
Main Theme (3) 97180 bytes Matthew Seldon Comments
Toy Bizzare
Level Start 514 bytes Adam and Tony Comments
Main Theme 23387 bytes Rochus Comments
Turbo OutRun
Ending 11344 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Los Angeles Theme - "Keep Your Heart" 32025 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
New York Theme - "Shake the Streets" 30278 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Pit Stop 9051 bytes Magnus Andersson Comments
Ultima III
Alive 1460 bytes Bacchus Comments
Castles 4676 bytes Bacchus Comments
Combat 25823 bytes Yayoz Comments
Combat 6704 bytes Bacchus Comments
Dungeons 3808 bytes Bacchus Comments
Exodus 3288 bytes Bacchus Comments
Exodus' Castle 7607 bytes Yayoz Comments
Fanfare 978 bytes Bacchus Comments
Rule Brittania 1075 bytes Bacchus Comments
Shopping 1705 bytes Bacchus Comments
Shopping (Remix) 4795 bytes Yayoz Comments
Towns 2326 bytes Bacchus Comments
Wander Theme 12787 bytes Yayoz Comments
Wanderer 6280 bytes Bacchus Comments
Ultima IV
Castles 2692 bytes Bacchus Comments
Combat 4139 bytes Bacchus Comments
Combat (2) 1204 bytes Thy Bluhman Comments
Combat (Remix) 11243 bytes Yayoz Comments
Dungeons 3406 bytes Bacchus Comments
Fanfare of the Lord British 4766 bytes Bacchus Comments
Rule Brittania 2943 bytes Bacchus Comments
Shopping 3969 bytes Bacchus Comments
Shrines 2832 bytes Bacchus Comments
Towns 4635 bytes Bacchus Comments
Wanderer 5319 bytes Bacchus Comments
Ultima V
Brittanic Lands 3462 bytes Bacchus Comments
Cap'n Johne's Hornpipe 4045 bytes Bacchus Comments
Dream of Lady Nan 3557 bytes Bacchus Comments
Engagement and Melee 4493 bytes Bacchus Comments
Fanfare for the Virtues 3883 bytes Bacchus Comments
Greyson's Tale 2840 bytes Bacchus Comments
Halls of Doom 2270 bytes Bacchus Comments
Joyous Reunion 1324 bytes Bacchus Comments
Lord Blackthorn 5932 bytes Bacchus Comments
Missing Monarch 2708 bytes Bacchus Comments
Rule Brittania 2888 bytes Bacchus Comments
Stones 5171 bytes Bacchus Comments
Theme Song 9872 bytes Yayoz Comments
Ultima Theme 6885 bytes Bacchus Comments
Villager Tarantella 2538 bytes Bacchus Comments
Worlds Below 5403 bytes Bacchus Comments
Worlds Below (2) 7794 bytes Yayoz Comments
Up & Down
Main Theme (Remix) 20959 bytes Antonio Barra Comments
Main Theme 10315 bytes Comments
Usagi Yojimbo
Opening 21143 bytes Hyena Comments
Song 1 47187 bytes Chuck Dodgers Comments
W. A. R.
Main Theme 56501 bytes Comments
Main Theme 99945 bytes Dany Carpentier Comments
Way Of the Exploding Fist
Demo 6342 bytes Hyena Comments
Two Player Game 5146 bytes Hyena Comments
Wings of Fury
Main Title 22071 bytes Jan Hofmeister Comments
Winter Games
Freestyle Figure Skating 10243 bytes Conversion Comments
Main Theme 16220 bytes Chris Comments
Bass Solo 33502 bytes Chris Comments
Game (Music Type A) 60692 bytes Oedipus Comments
Game (Music Type B) 16534 bytes Oedipus Comments
Title 66674 bytes Oedipus Comments
Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Battle Theme 1 242576 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Battle Theme 2 248062 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Loser 1858 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Near Death 196764 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Score Entry 244853 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Winner 3778 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Title Music 7472 bytes Erik the Not-So-Great Comments
Main Theme 68836 bytes Chris Comments
Main Theme 1051 bytes Comments

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