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NEC PC-98 Music

This is a complete listing of all the files in the NEC PC-98 directory, as of September 23, 2023 at 12:28 AM EDT.
There are 22 midi files in the NEC PC-98 directory.

Grabathlon Hit 18971 bytes Alex Winchell Comments
Ending (XG) 43290 bytes MaliceX Comments
Expecting 70094 bytes MaliceX Comments
Expecting (XG) 76005 bytes MaliceX Comments
Lots of Tenderness 9572 bytes MaliceX Comments
Lots of Tenderness (XG) 9616 bytes MaliceX Comments
Heretic: Shadow of Serpent Riders
Episode 2 Map 2 - The Lava Pits 1790 bytes Silencer Shadow Comments
Wind Field and Cloud 3230 bytes Comments
Myst Book - "Moving Pictures" 7509 bytes Omega Coriel (Ultima Omega) Comments
Mystic Square
Level 2 104510 bytes ZUN Comments
Gloom Jungle 6506 bytes Qez Comments
Revival Xanadu
Level 7 - "Egarer" 24614 bytes spoonybard13 Comments
SimCity 3000
Performing Arts Hall 654 bytes J. Sebastian Perry Comments
Touhou 5: Mystic Square
Dimension of Reverie (XG) 38863 bytes Gyana Ren Comments
Doll Story ~ Doll of Misery (XG) 53113 bytes Gyana Ren Comments
Magic Formation ~ Magic Square (XG) 45022 bytes Gyana Ren Comments
Plastic Mind (XG) 51040 bytes Gyana Ren Comments
Wondrous Romance ~ Mystic Square (XG) 54941 bytes Gyana Ren Comments
Viper V16 Rise
Ending Theme 34547 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments
Power Slam! 89118 bytes Tsu Ryu and Takeuchi Yuka Comments
Victory Theme 2677 bytes Gandledorf Comments
Ys 4 - The Dawn of Ys
Temple (Unreleased) 43751 bytes Justus Johnston Comments

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