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This is a complete listing of all the files in the Nintendo 3DS directory, as of September 23, 2023 at 12:29 AM EDT.
There are 53 midi files in the Nintendo 3DS directory.

Code of Princess
Turn It Up! (Boss Battle) 36805 bytes FirahFabe Comments
Kid Icarus Uprising
Orne Theme 1291 bytes IDowney1988 Comments
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Outlandish Interruption 66416 bytes MDT128 Comments
Mario Kart 7
Course Select Menu 17352 bytes Scott Mtc. Comments
Pokémon (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire)
Battle! VS Zinna 78993 bytes paterDM Comments
Battle! Wild Pokemon! 27492 bytes Bauerklos Comments
Let's Go Home Together! 9762 bytes Nebulon Ranger Comments
Sky Pillar 1457 bytes fakt13 Comments
Sorrow (Zinnia) 6170 bytes Nebulon Ranger Comments
Pokémon (Sun Moon)
Route 2 33631 bytes Phazonruler Comments
Pokémon (Sun, Moon)
Battle! (Elite Four) Remix 34655 bytes Incinium Comments
Battle! (Elite) 61140 bytes Revle Comments
Battle! Battle Royal 37357 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Gladion 65215 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Hau 47699 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Kahuna 136714 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Lusamine 23511 bytes Revle Comments
Battle! VS Red/Blue 89506 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Solgaleo & Lunala 75643 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Team Skull Leader Guzma 62623 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Trainer 80941 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! VS Ultra Beast 71922 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Battle! Vs. Trainer 61984 bytes Revle Comments
Battle! Wild Pokemon 45789 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Lusamine Mother Beast 31754 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Unused Battle Theme - Version 2 10083 bytes Incinium Comments
Pokémon (X, Y)
Battle! (Wild Pokemon) 16860 bytes Electric Concerto Comments
Boutique 8533 bytes Pawolga Comments
Gym Leader (Remix) 72404 bytes Groudesky(Ƒňb) Comments
Kalos (Remix) 73258 bytes Ƒňb(jpn) Comments
Kalos Power Plant 29622 bytes Jonas Evant Comments
Kalos Route 8 7892 bytes Incinium Comments
Opening Movie (Version 2) 3900 bytes OfficialCQZ (a.k.a CompQuartz) Comments
Professor Sycamore's Theme 15260 bytes Scott Mtc. Comments
Road 18 9704 bytes Blue Magikarp Comments
Santalune Forest 7166 bytes Pawolga Comments
Snowbelle City 10881 bytes Keiji Uotami Comments
Super Training 29215 bytes Keiji Uotami Comments
Super Training! 28280 bytes Hexagon12 Comments
Team Flare Grunt Battle (Remix) 26754 bytes Groudesky(Youtube) Comments
Tile Puzzle 20085 bytes Phazonruler Comments
VS Elite 4 31843 bytes Blue Magikarp Comments
Victory Road (Kalos) - Version 2 11077 bytes Incinium Comments
Vs. Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde! 33905 bytes ZenithAegis Comments
Wild Pokmon Battle (Arranged) 78448 bytes Dikzy Doo Comments
Pokémon Go
Battle! Wild Pokemon (v2) 43628 bytes ShinkoNetCavy Comments
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Ragged Mountain 50655 bytes VanessaWolfe2015 Comments
Wrapped In a Light(Remix) 5110 bytes PokemonSoundfontStudios Comments
Pokémon Rumble World
Cave Fight 8792 bytes FuzzballFox Comments
Pokémon Shuffle
Hard Stage 42914 bytes VanessaWolfe2015 Comments
Shovel Knight
Explodatorium - "Flowers of Antimony" 29556 bytes Adnan Rosario Comments
Plains of Passage - "Strike the Earth!" (XG) 69638 bytes Sean Bee Comments
Super Mario 3D Land
Star Theme 42709 bytes MusicGamer-11 Comments

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