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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Videogame Music Archive has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering practices for this Web site. If you have any questions about this policy, please send an e-mail to the webmasters.

IP addresses:
IP addresses are logged for statistical reasons by the webserver, and by the sites submission scripts. They are used to track down abuse of our sites services and are currently made available when a user submits a file.

The Videogame Music Archive does not sell or give e-mail addresses of visitors or visitor information to third parties for the purpose of direct mail or spamming.

Cookies are used to track forum settings, as well as to store session information for our Forums and Database systems, including username and password. These cookies can be rejected or disabled, however certain parts of the Forums and Database systems will not be accessable in this event. Our advertiser, Google Adsense, may also use cookies. Due to privacy concerns, we have opted out of Google's interest-based advertising, which uses the same cookie across multiple websites.

Access to the forums and database systems are unrestricted. However, in order to post to the aforementioned systems, users must register a username, which includes providing a valid email address. Any additional information provided by the user is considered optional and is entered at the user's own risk. This site makes no claim to the validity or responsibility of the additional information provided by the user. Due to the COPPA Act, users under the age of 13 must fill out the form COPPA Form and mail it to the address provided before being able to use the forums.

Forum Private Messages:
Private messages sent through the forum system may be read by the site staff under certain conditions, primarily during investigations of spamming or harrasment through the private message system.

Attachments that violate the forum's rules regarding acceptable attachments may be removed without warning. This does not mean that your private messages were viewed, as the forum system allows us to view attachments directly without viewing the message that they are attached to. This does mean that we may download and view or listen to any attachments to make certain they comply with our policies.

Due to COPPA and the short time frame associated with contests, US citizens must be 13 or older to enter. Contests require entrants to submit their entire address. This information is only used to prevent multiple entries from the same household and, for the winner, to ship the prize to them. This database is cleared after the winner acknowledges receipt of the prize.

Advertising is now provided by us for third parties.

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