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This is a complete listing of all the files in the Medleys directory, as of September 23, 2023 at 12:28 AM EDT.
There are 234 midi files in the Medleys directory.

7th Saga, The
Acoustic Town Medley 56898 bytes Marine Comments
A Nightmare Before Christmas
A Nightmare Before Christmas Medley 178220 bytes Joshua Boruch Comments
Adventures of Lolo, The
Medley 22509 bytes Golbez Comments
Arcade America
In-Game Medley 10667 bytes Gemmz Comments
Balloon Fight
Medley 4685 bytes Chris Read Comments
Medley 12212 bytes A.K.N Comments
Secrets Medley 36139 bytes Icy Guy Comments
Orchestral Medley 37528 bytes BTHive Comments
Blaster Master
Medley 157235 bytes Chaos Falcon Comments
Medley 2 59970 bytes Golbez Comments
Bomb Jack
Medley 42112 bytes Milton Paredes Comments
Medley 42112 bytes Milton Paredes Comments
Bubble Bobble
Medley 318399 bytes Ian Wilson Comments
Medley 149542 bytes Tom Kim Comments
Medley (2) 44008 bytes FFfreak42 Comments
Vampire Killer Piano Medley 12394 bytes FFfreak42 Comments
Castlevania 2
Medley 101248 bytes Tom Kim Comments
The Accursed Seal 83709 bytes JILost Comments
Castlevania Bloodlines
Castlevania Bloodlines Symphonic Fantasy 260636 bytes Igor S. Utochkin Comments
Chrono Trigger
CT Blues 44087 bytes Schizophrenic Techno-Penguin #827 Comments
Medley 196784 bytes Marine Comments
Zeal Deal Chrono Trigger Medley 21562 bytes Comments
City Connection
Medley 5368 bytes A.K.N Comments
Medley 212476 bytes Tom Kim Comments
Medley (2) 287346 bytes Ian Wilson (Team Chaos) Comments
Crash Bandicoot
Suite of Themes 34755 bytes Dingodile Comments
Crash Twinsanity
10th Dimension 54738 bytes Paper_Luigi Comments
Dance Dance Revolution Series
Dancing, Dancing 125164 bytes Zagro Comments
Diddy Kong Racing
Island Medley (XG) 85377 bytes Paper_Luigi Comments
Double Dragon
Medley 41674 bytes Golbez Comments
Dr. Chaos
Medley 28768 bytes Golbez Comments
Dragon Lord
Hell 50419 bytes Comments
Dragon Warrior
Medley 22711 bytes Eric Damian Comments
Town Medley 134989 bytes Comments
Duck Hunt
The Soundtrack of Duck Hunt (Rock Remix) 3633 bytes Mark D Richardson (DragonMarch1985 at Comments
PSI Rockin' - An Earthbound Medley 136444 bytes Ingenious Idiot Comments
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
Up In The Treehouse 34760 bytes Zagro Comments
Final Fantasy
Christmas in the Flying Fortress 50132 bytes Nathaniel Lind Comments
Medley 28690 bytes Chris Draenos Comments
Pawns of Chaos 75457 bytes Jay Reichard Comments
Final Fantasy 3
Character Medley 49787 bytes Comments
FF6Teq Medley 19665 bytes Chris J Comments
Kefka's Tower - "Dancing Mad" 159228 bytes Justin Fauntroy Comments
Victory (PS Remix) 71685 bytes Asa Lothario Comments
Final Fantasy 7
A "Divine" Battle of Good Versus Evil 85176 bytes Justin Fauntroy Comments
A Journey Through Final Fantasy 7 140214 bytes Kent Bogar Comments
Chocobo de Chocobo for Three Pianos 59122 bytes Justin Fauntroy Comments
Disc 01 Medley (V0.1) 378865 bytes Rune Walsh Comments
Medley 25861 bytes Randy West Comments
Final Fantasy 9
Medley 443842 bytes David Mety Comments
Final Fantasy Adventure
Medley 93883 bytes Joshua Kaufman Comments
Final Fantasy Series
Bombless Mix 238885 bytes Comments
Dark Final Fantasy 193322 bytes Comments
FF 1-3 Remix 71636 bytes Stuart Brigham Comments
FF Chocobo 4-9 Medley 101215 bytes Comments
FF Mix Medley 230722 bytes Comments
Femme & Kawaii 70813 bytes Michael Huang Comments
Final Fantasy Character Medley 239475 bytes Ingenious Idiot Comments
Final Fantasy Medley Remix 98298 bytes NoteWorthy Composer Comments
Final Fantasy Mix 1-7 182602 bytes Comments
Grand Waltz 38824 bytes Michael Huang Comments
History of Battle 121039 bytes Comments
Lunarians (Remix Medley) 36692 bytes Chris Jenkins Comments
Machine Gun Triple Triad Medley 9052 bytes Ray Laney Comments
Meledys de Chocobo: Part 1 128252 bytes Ferret Guy Comments
Prelude 19841 bytes Vince Marra Comments
Symphonic Suite: Scene 5 30156 bytes Ilya Gordon Comments
VII, VIII, and IX Themes 21378 bytes Chelsea Chicoine Comments
Final Fantasy Tactics
Decisive Battle 37514 bytes Toneberry King (a.k.a TK) Comments
Fire Emblem
Emblema De Fuego (Love Theme) 71615 bytes crazyguy20076 Comments
Medley 73458 bytes nebula Comments
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Comrades & Powerful Foe 73215 bytes Michael Garnett Comments
Frogger Series
Tribute To Frogger 2806 bytes Chris Read Comments
GoldenEye 007
GoldenEye Suite 398153 bytes Comments
Halo Series
Halo Concert Band Medley 62654 bytes Tony Aldrich Comments
Halo: Music Evolved 32863 bytes Corey Paul Comments
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Season Medley 32636 bytes Water_Bender Comments
Illusion of Gaia
Dark Super Smash Bros. Melee Stage Medley 61335 bytes Dragonfyre00 Comments
Kirby Superstar
Kirby Super Medley! 127270 bytes Zagro Comments
Kirby series
Medley (Arranged) 201720 bytes Robbie Miller Comments
Legacy of the Wizard
Medley 48192 bytes EgM Comments
Legend Of Zelda, The: A Link To the Past
Party Zelda: Dance Remix Medley 158808 bytes Dan Reynolds Comments
The Legend of Zelda Brass Suite 41029 bytes J. Witbeck Comments
Legend Of Zelda, The: Ocarina Of Time
Legend of Zelda Medley (Arranged) 41727 bytes link428 Comments
Ocarina Suite 101772 bytes Kooper909 Comments
Ocarina of Time Medley 17922 bytes Andr Thrnfeldt Comments
Zelda Concerto: 2nd Movement 38935 bytes Link the hylian hero Comments
Legend of Zelda, The
Legendary Orchestra 21801 bytes Leu Comments
Ultimate Legend Medley 55677 bytes Corey Paul Comments
Ye Olde Arcade Mix 19236 bytes crazyguy20076 Comments
Zelda Overture 39195 bytes Praetorian Comments
Legend of Zelda, The Series
A Hero's Litany 83392 bytes Jarel Jones Comments
A Hylian Suite 89596 bytes wallaby Comments
Highlights from Legend of Zelda 83619 bytes Benjamin Brisson Comments
Orchestral Medley (v2.3) 36765 bytes Dr. Fruitcake Comments
Rock the Palace 54441 bytes Jay Reichard Comments
The Legend (Medley) 143384 bytes Luigi P. Comments
The Travels of Link 198624 bytes Ingenious Idiot Comments
Villages Medley 12247 bytes Daniel Lawrence Comments
Legend of Zelda, The: Twilight Princess
Hyrulean Medley 52868 bytes Andy Smith Comments
The Twilight Princess Suite 143617 bytes tkdigi Comments
Medley 129687 bytes Xky Rauh Comments
Life Force
Medley 165652 bytes Tom Kim Comments
Lufia Series
The Last Duel (GS) 55226 bytes nZero Comments
Mario Bros. Series
Koopa's Insanity 100113 bytes Jay Reichard Comments
Lucky Stars 41851 bytes crazyguy20076 Comments
Mario's Percussion Ensemble 49243 bytes Rayfordopolis Comments
Mario/Zelda Series
The Mushrooms of Hyrule 128817 bytes Travis Dunning Comments
Mega Man 2
A Play Through Mega Man 2 35214 bytes Joe McKenna Comments
Medley 178548 bytes Comments
Select Screen Medley 11903 bytes Trevor Kuprel Comments
Mega Man Battle Network
MegaMedley.EXE 129547 bytes WiteoutKing Comments
Mega Man Legends Series
Bonne Medley (v1.0) 245542 bytes Phillip Haynes Comments
Sub-Cities 1 & 2 25230 bytes Phillip Haynes Comments
Yosyonke Medley 142819 bytes Phillip Haynes Comments
Mega Man Series
10th Anniversery Medley 105889 bytes Justin Horn Comments
Cut Man Medley 28871 bytes Walter F. Williams III Comments
Dive Man & Flash Man 19981 bytes Mark Richardson Comments
Medley 206060 bytes Comments
Megalevel Medley 194733 bytes Josh Bodner Comments
Ode to a Robot Master 294907 bytes Zagro Comments
Wily's Fortress: Theme and Station 4 29686 bytes nZero Comments
Mega Man X Series
SSBB Stage - Awake Road 134721 bytes King Meteor Comments
Sigma Medley (X, X2, X6) [Heavy Metal] 34446 bytes En Sabah Nur Comments
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Medley 481152 bytes Tom Kim Comments
Metal Gear
Medley 345301 bytes Tsu Ryu & Takeuchi Yuka Comments
Medley 212174 bytes Ian Wilson Comments
Medley (2) 104724 bytes UltimaOmega Comments
Samus Medley 30313 bytes Comments
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Little Mac: Fighter Extraordinaire 51640 bytes SonicMaster Comments
Mother 3
A Mother 3 Medley 45843 bytes Noteworthy Composer Comments
Bonus 1 20274 bytes Stickmaster Felix Comments
Mystical Ninja Series
Temple Hijinks 31066 bytes Comments
Nintendo Games
Nintendo's Greatest Hits 95509 bytes Mike Comments
Paper Mario
5 Themes in 30 Seconds 2933 bytes Bart Delissen Comments
The Adventures of Paper Mario 119444 bytes SkItZoMaTiC Comments
Pokémon (Red, Blue, Yellow)
Wild Battle/Gym Leader Battle (Remix) 44123 bytes Colin Wack Comments
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire
Medley Start to End 168877 bytes ChampBCla Comments
Pokémon Series
Battle to the End 79352 bytes Leu Comments
Medley 44672 bytes Comments
Secret of Evermore
Nobilia Palace of Sacred Dog 34083 bytes jim Comments
Secret of Mana
Mana Folk Suite 24693 bytes Mark333 Comments
Shadow Gate
Medley 44492 bytes Golbez Comments
Silent Hill
Not Tomorrow (Generations Remix) 51660 bytes Markeh VS. Knick Knack Comments
Simon the Sorcerer
BGM Medley 142222 bytes Christopher Lankford Comments
In-Game Medley 50239 bytes Gemmz Comments
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Six of the Best 54509 bytes Paul Varley, with help from Ross Bemrose and John Weeks Comments
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3
Bosses 22913 bytes SonicMaster Comments
Casino Night Zone and Mushroom Hill Zone 34926 bytes Jason Bratcher Comments
Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Marble Glacier 51749 bytes SonicMaster Comments
Mini Sonic Medley 120455 bytes Sam Wolff Comments
The Genius of Dr. Robotnik 94605 bytes Jay Reichard Comments
Star Force
8-Bit Galaxy 46123 bytes Jace Comments
Star Fox
A Calm Star Fox Arrangement 36232 bytes Travis Comments
Mini Boss Medley 78147 bytes Sam Wolff Comments
The Lylat Wars 153987 bytes AJ & the Sairain Orchestra Comments
Street Fighter 2
Intro Medley 15339 bytes Bruno Castro Comments
Streets of Rage 2
A Rage Medley 23973 bytes Jonty Comments
Super Mario 64
Medley (Arranged) 36215 bytes Jason Phillips Comments
Super Mario 64: The Remix 61052 bytes Luigi P. Comments
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario Bros. Medley 43091 bytes Comments
Super Mario All-Stars & Super Mario World
Mario Medley - Orchestral Theme 7979 bytes Silph Comments
Super Mario Bros.
A Typical Mario Stage 31203 bytes David Alberto Comments
Dancing Mushrooms 67544 bytes Blue Warrior Comments
Fat Mario Medley 81834 bytes Chris Arnot and Kyle Keoho Comments
Mario Saxophone Trio 14444 bytes Steven Martinez Comments
Medley 38248 bytes Comments
Rock/Calypso Remix 22506 bytes Simon Crothers Comments
Super Mario Bros. 2
Ragtime Medley 62450 bytes Zagro Comments
Super Mario Bros. 3
Map Medley 13220 bytes The Almighty Pineapple Comments
Medley Remix 59503 bytes Zagro Comments
Super Mario RPG
Medley 15496 bytes midgetboysk8 Comments
Seven Stars: A Super Mario RPG Medley 88626 bytes Zagro Comments
Super Mario Series
Bob-Omb Battlefield & Ending Theme 56318 bytes Comments
Cap Medley 69916 bytes The Triforce of Music Comments
Jazz Band Medley 68029 bytes Tony Aldrich Comments
Mario Medley (v2) 119302 bytes Alex Leard Comments
Mario Medley, For Symphony Orchestra 153928 bytes Link the hylian hero Comments
Mario's Tropical Paradise (Remix) 104208 bytes Dr. Fruitcake Comments
Piano Medley 56500 bytes NICOLAZZI Mickaël Comments
SMB 1 and 2 Overworlds 146625 bytes William B Dixon III Comments
The Darkness Mario 60592 bytes Zagro Comments
The End(s) of Mario 161149 bytes crazyguy20076 Comments
Tribute To An Italian Plumber 503111 bytes Ingenious Idiot Comments
Wing Cap & Metal Cap (Remix) 42260 bytes Luigi8484 Comments
Wing Cap & Metal Cap (Remix) (2) 298734 bytes Jonathan Shen Comments
Super Mario World
50s Mario Rock (Map/Water Themes Remix) 19170 bytes Zagro Comments
Piano Medley - "Overworld Echoes" 47408 bytes xizorkatarn Comments
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
World Map 12232 bytes Tony Thai Comments
World Map (2) 9982 bytes BuBu Comments
Super Metroid
Theme of Samus Aran: Galactic Warrior 38279 bytes Ilya Gordon Comments
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Depth of Brinstar (Orchestrated) 15555 bytes Joe Casper Comments
Massive Melee Medley 140082 bytes Dr. Fruitcake Comments
Obsessions Medley 77937 bytes Rarhondo (Rachel Feltham) and Danforte` (Danforth Taylor) Comments
Medley 40521 bytes Lupe Caniday Comments
Medley - "Endurance Mode Mix" V1.05 89085 bytes Joseph Collins Comments
Music A & B 26422 bytes Jesse P. Buddington Comments
The Wild West of Russia 23927 bytes Pizzaking27 Comments
Tetris Series
The Megamix 93288 bytes Francis Veilleux Gaboury Comments
True Love
True Love Medley 2003 393680 bytes Comments
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Fatality and Friendship Themes 2327 bytes Nathaniel Lind Comments
Various Games
Banjo-Mario 83138 bytes Banjo Koopa Comments
Fantasy de Hedgehog 42375 bytes saxman52 Comments
Forest Medley 56426 bytes The Triforce of Music Comments
Fugue in Bb Minor 15657 bytes SonicMaster Comments
Ice Medley 112459 bytes The Triforce of Music Comments
Majestic Medley 101348 bytes Shane Evans Comments
Nintendo Console Medley Magnamix (GM) 200468 bytes Tomatzu Comments
Nintendo Fever 160501 bytes AJ and the Sairain Orchestra Comments
Nintendo Medley 77818 bytes Takkuri Comments
Quick Man's Stage / Ice Cap Zone 59746 bytes Stephen "Strife" DiDuro Comments
RPG MegaMedley 286170 bytes Ingenious Idiot Comments
Rare Dance Megamix 30574 bytes Mike Comments
Rare Mini-Game Medley 29885 bytes Dr. Fruitcake Comments
Somari 46263 bytes Comments
Sonic Heroes Hang Castle #1 Deviance (GS) 77948 bytes Daniel Wright Comments
Super Mario Bros. 2 & Earthbound 4262 bytes Comments
Super Mario Bros. 2/EarthBound Ending Medley 33500 bytes Chibi Vegetto Comments
The RPG Medley 140788 bytes JackRabbit Comments
The Star Spangled NES 15669 bytes Luigi P. Comments
Unintended Quartet 36941 bytes Daniel Wright Comments
X-Mas Medley 2000 66641 bytes Chris J Comments
Zelda and Fire Emblem Medley 22671 bytes Zabblleon Comments
Wario Land
Wario Land (SSBM Remix) 57281 bytes Rynen10K Comments
Wizards & Warriors
Medley 29285 bytes FFfreak42 Comments
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
WB3 Melody 79338 bytes Comments
Yahtzee Championship (XG) 53165 bytes Blue Warrior Comments
Yoshi Series
Yoshi's Island Vacation 114083 bytes Zagro Comments
Ys Book 1 & 2
A Tribute to Ys 103164 bytes Justus Johnston Comments
Burning Sword, Magma, & Lava Stage (Remix) 89184 bytes Rune Walsh Comments
Zelda II
A Hyrule Fantasy 106689 bytes JILost Comments
Medley 38289 bytes Golbez Comments
Zelda/Pokemon Crossover
Lavender Shrine (Face Shrine/Lavender Town) 26238 bytes IceLucario64 Comments
Zero Wing
Zero Wing Medley (v2.0) 188176 bytes MarsJenkar Comments

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